Each pc high concept includes his previos handler: KGB, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, corporate espionage, thieving crew and his MOS:

1. Assets Handler- You Use people in the field to gather inel. You’re an expert in HUMINT.

2. Analyst – You Handle huge amounts of data and put it all together to form a complete picture. You are an expert in spotting patterns in human behavior and the geopolitics of the world.

3. Bang and Burner – You blow shit up. sometimes you burn shit up, just for variety.

4. Black Bagger – Expert in breaking and entering. usually without leaving a trace.

5. Cleaner – You clean up the mess other agents leave to erase all trace. expert in making things disappear.

6. Cobbler – The shoe maker. You build stuff. be it hi-tech gadgets, elaborate disguises or forged documents.

7. Cuckoo – You lay your eggs in other people’s nests. You are an expert in pretending to be someone else and luring them to a trap.

8. Hacker – You are a code breaker. if its looks like a computer or sits near one, you can probably crack it.

9. Lamplighter – You keep the light on the target. You are an expert in surveillance, be it with the latest spy gear or the old school way with leather shoes and a hat.

10. Mule – You move stuff across borders. You are an expert in all manners of vehicles and smuggling techniques.

11. Wet Worker – You kill people. You are an expert in killing people.


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