Renamed but same:

Academics (lore) – Your basic knowledge skill. covers everything from history to science.

Analyze ( Investigate) – covers research, forensics, gathering clues.

Athletics – running, jumping, climbing, dodging

Burglary – covers casing, lockpicking, security systems etc.

Contacts – creates network of people who can aid you with information, Documents and gear.

Decieve – covers lying, disguises and using cover

Drive – Covers all vehicles.

Empathy – reading people , asses honesty, discover aspects.

Guns (shooting) – covers all ranged weapons

Hand to hand (fighting) – also covers melee weapons

Intimidate (provoke) – can also cause mental stress to opposition.

Physique – covers strength and endurance.

Rapport – Charm, First impression, making friends.

Resources – covers liquid cash, acquiring special gear and last minute preperdness.

Sense trouble (notice) – spot an ambush, booby traps and so on.

Stealth – Hiding, sneaking and shadowing.

Tech (craft) – building and fixing stuff. Also covers explosive devices.

Resolve (Will) – effect mental stress. Can be used as a social skill where sheer presence is important.

New skills:

Hacking – computers, digital intrusion, data recovery.

Tradecraft- covers survielance, streetwise and spy lore.


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